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Sometimes adults are so stressed caring for children that they forget to have fun and read with children. Sometimes fun flies out the window and problems fly in. No-one likes this but life is like this. Laughing and learning to deal with problems at the same time is important so a series of children's books were written to instill health and happiness. Face it, adults are really just big kids in disguise so children's books are perfect for adults.Children's books are perfect for children, reminding them to stay young for as long as possible. Ask any adult--getting old isn't all it is cracked up to be. Yes, children's books are perfect for teens too so they learn to use their smarts to build a fantastic future. Besides, everyone has an inner child, regardless of how young, regardless of how old. Let’s forget about ages. They are just a number anyway.

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Life is about learning. Children can learn from adults and adults can learn from children by reading these books together. It will be so much fun reading books on dogs, dogs that act like frogs. Unfortunately, life isn't always fun. Everyone under the sun faces challenges such as bullying. It happens to kids at school. It happens to adults at work. The author has tackled these serious issues in colorful books to help everyone talk about things that are not easy to talk about. Reading children's books together is a comfortable way to explore issues such as bullying and bring everyone to a whole new level of health.

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Remember, health is wealth so invest in yourself, believe in yourself. Read these books on bullying, self-esteem, self-worth and dogs. Yes dogs. Perhaps we should teach dogs how to read while we are at it. After all, if you feel good about yourself by learning skills from reading these books, anything is possible. Enjoy the journey to health, and remember to walk the dog after you read the book not before. Read the book first or you will be out having such a wonderful time that you will flip the book over and forget to read about important matters. But whatever you do, wherever you are, whether you read the book or whether you don't, remember you matter, you matter a lot.

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